As time goes by... I am losing myself... Ready to bid my goodbye coz I know no one will help. It was raining that day, Unexpectedly, the sun shines It took my breath away. In silence, I experienced walking on cloud nine. He made me believed into something I forgot that exist.. to breathe and... Continue Reading →


 MAY 21 - JUNE 21 I am a GEMINI, earlier today I was browsing the internet and found some interesting articles about this astrological sign, here it is.. As a Gemini, you are just too sensitive for your own good. Your feelings get hurt a little too easily. But the problem with you is that... Continue Reading →

My Wish

Standing tall in the middle of the sea, Watching from afar, wishing I could get close. I'll make a way! Finally, I am so close. My heart is pounding hysterically. I want to feel you, please you and spend a little time with you. I want you to notice me. But you didn't.. So close..... Continue Reading →

Eccentric Wallflower

Freakishly everlasting in a strange dreamland, Somehow melting in the heat of the moonlight. Eccentric wallflower is howling so loud, I can't imagine. She is denouncing her importance to the great unknown. I'll be drowning with the sky's loud rhythm. Oh please! My heart is breaking and no one will fix it.    No one... Continue Reading →

Context of Excitement

I am really glad that you came, Back then I was really blue. You add up energy to the flame, My heart is pounding when I' m with you. Penniless yet excited to travel, Fantasizing where will be our sweet spot. A context between cave and a castle, Anxiously  wishing to start a memoir that... Continue Reading →


Holding on to you, Everday when I am blue. It makes me flew, Impending the devil his due. As I came to my consciousness, Again, questioning my existence. So empty, stumbling to create a sentence, Relating to an obselete conveyance. I can't get you off my mind, Still craving for my life to be redesigned.... Continue Reading →


Another unforgettable adventure. Still tipsy and craving for more. Being with this place and people is identical with poetry. Their wide perspective.. Endless meaning.. Can be spoken in many languages.. Emotions run deeper than of my breath..   *Please feel free to view some of the pictures taken and enjoy the true beauty of Buscalan,... Continue Reading →

Sweet Cavalry

Too lovely to explore, There are flashbacks galore. Sweeter than chocolates dipped in wine, Oh, the sugar rush of sea water is addictive. Rabid like the legend of the cavalry, Waves are effective story teller of history. Every step is a start of travelling. *camaya coast, Mariveles, Bataan Province

Sea where I belong?

The sea waves at me. The sea talks in a desperate music. The scenery is still. Water pounds the shore as I hear the sailors cry. I must be a mermaid longing for secrets of the sea. Waiting for the dark blue sky and the moon to touch the horizon's verge. Trembled in words.. I... Continue Reading →

Quarter Life

Depression... Frustration... Trapped with no options... Life is a lie... Detachment... Failure... MEANINGLESS...


It was a dark and stormy evening. No one saw me wandering, As raindrops burned my eyes, the concrete water helped me bid "goodbyes" Wind conserved its gases through the surface of my skin, the scorching rain is condensing to the ground. This is what the happy world has made me. I am here. I... Continue Reading →

Complain and Compliment

People complain, When he is trying to bring discordant notes into harmony. People complain, When he strive to bring disjunctive ideas into synthesis. People complain, While he is struggling to fight his jumbled ideas into balance. When they already saw what they are looking for, People compliment.. When he mimics, When he is fiery, He,... Continue Reading →

How TV works

Sympathy is their word Public is the market place Propaganda splattered around the people Striving... Wanting... Trying hard to fit in Invading our minds by condoling us Faking their past and linking to social norms Relying on stereotypes... Associating their beliefs... The society was convinced, They are starting to follow, Agreeing to every word they... Continue Reading →


See me as a person I appear to be? Describing the places that I have been. Mouth was opened to speak. Voting which is the similar genetic. It is not my skin. It is not my hair. It is not the language I speak. It is not the tradition I follow. Now, they come to... Continue Reading →


Me... Seeing my other me... How's life ordinary? Wake up? Breathe? Eat? Growing are wings of dissatisfaction. Blooming in dark jungle. The bitter taste of lemons, The pure white color of cold fire. The soothing feelings of pain. The suffocating air and malice that relates. Finally, that joyous sentiment of rage


Who are they? Reclining to religion to live in reality and follow the usual tradition Poisoned by the blessings of illusion


Does logic surround this galaxy? Millions thought of justice. Refusing to the weight of public service. Riches can be read on their lips. Allowing themselves to be persuaded for a reason. Ask me a question and i' ll answer "NO" Why? Because I observed the mess on my table, I saw that small fire dominating,... Continue Reading →

I fear ME

As I lay on my bed drowning with tears on my pillow Remembering what exactly that I fear While others hid their fears I am showing them. While others cursing their fears I praise them. While others run to their fears I walk with them. Is it becauseĀ  I cannot re-arrange my past? Is it... Continue Reading →

Angelic Deception

These empty words are deceiving. Just like those spiritual beings. While the morning stars sang tohether "THEY" are sent into service for salvation? Another deception! Even satan himself transforms into an angel Serpent was cast out. It is now a battle! Not for flesh and blood, but for people who inherited the dark souls of... Continue Reading →

Fables of Hope

In absence of hope, Faith comes in. How do you know it exist? When we are twisted in fables. Diverged in two roads. Which am I going to travel? How will I know I am not deceived? Trying to live for tomorrow, Watching my dreams today. Hope, Faith, Living and Dreams. Confusion cleared my path... Continue Reading →

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